Estonian Labour Market Today and Tomorrow

An OSKA general report “Estonian Labour Market Today and Tomorrow” was completed in the end of 2016. It analyses the changes in labour requirements, labour market developments and the dominant trends over the next 10 years. The report is updated annually.

According to the prognosis, the unemployment will not decrease anymore in the coming years. During 2016-2024 there will be 50 000 more people leaving the labour market than entering.

The number of employees continues to decrease in agriculture, clothing industry, retailing, public sector and also in education due to the decrease of the number of students. The number of employees will grow in the field of IT as well as in research and development related activities. In relation to the ageing of the population, a bigger contribution to health care and social services is expected. According to the prognosis, high-technology production will somewhat increase in the Estonian economy.

The importance of the specialists in different levels will increase, people with good general, technical and professional skills are more and more valued in all sectors of the economy. In many sectors, people whose skills differ very much  from the ones they have now are needed.

The study “Estonian Labour Market Today and Tomorrow” covers following questions: which occupations and skills the Estonian labour market needs till the year 2024 and how the education and training supply meets these needs.