Forestry and Timber Industry

In the OSKA forestry and timber industry sector, forecasts of the need for labour and skills were prepared in the fields of forestry and logging, furniture manufacture, production of paper and paper products and manufacture of wood and wood products. The latter include the manufacture of components, including doors and windows; production of energy and energy products from wood; manufacture of log houses; production of sawn and planed wood as well as manufacture of veneer sheets, plywood and particle boards.

The forestry and timber industries are the key growth areas of the Estonian economy, while the timber industry is also one of the largest industries, making a major contribution to Estonia’s GDP, balance of trade and tax revenues. Timber is a rapidly renewable natural resource and Estonia is a forest country. People across the world want to use environmentally friendly products including heat and electricity produced from wood.

The OSKA expert panel on the forestry and timber industries consists of experts and visionaries from different companies, educational institutions and the public sector. The key partners of the Estonian Qualifications Authority in this sector are the Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association, the State Forest Management Centre, the Estonian Woodhouse Association and the Estonian Furniture Industry Association. Expert organisations: Stora Enso Eesti AS, Combimill, Rait AS, Graanul Invest, UPM-Kymmene Otepää AS, Hobbiton OÜ, Matek AS, AS Estonian Cell, Tarmeko, Kalla Mööbel, Antsla Inno AS, Diva Mööbel, the Luua Forestry School, Tartu Vocational Education Centre, Võru County Vocational Training Centre, Valga County Vocational Training Centre, the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tallinn University of Technology, SA Innove, the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of the Environment.

Short overwiev of main findings in OSKA forestry and timber industry sector (.pdf)