Information and Communication Technology

The ICT sector is a rapidly evolving, high added value and innovative sector that is essential for maintaining and increasing the competitiveness of both the state and the economy.

The field of ICT in this study includes the persons employed in key professions of ICT in both the ICT sector as well as other economic sectors.

In 2020, approximately 31,000 people were employed in ICT professions, accounting for 4.7% of all those employed in Estonia.

The study analysed possible future trends of the sector and assessed how employment and the skills needs of the key professions will change by 2027 and which changes should be made in training provision on this basis to ensure that the skills of workers better meet the needs of the labour market.

The survey provides support to policy-makers for forward-looking management.

The data sources of the survey include interviews with experts in the field, sectoral statistics, previous research conducted in Estonia and elsewhere in the world, strategic documents of the sector, development plans, etc.

The study was completed at the end of 2021 and published in the beginning of 2022.

It is the second OSKA study on the needs for labour and skills in ICT. The first study was completed in 2016 and analysed how many ICT professionals and with which skills were needed on the labour market until 2020. The need for labour was assessed as a whole across all economic sectors.

Short overview of main findings in OSKA ICT sector