HR, Administrative Work and Business Consultation

OSKA study of labour force and skills anticipation in the field of HR, administrative work and business consultation was completed in the first half of 2018.

This is an occupation-based OSKA field, where occupations necessary for the daily operation of organisations are covered.

The study mainly focuses on three groups of occupations:

  • HR (human resources) – unit groups of occupations related to human resources and career services;
  • Administrative work – e.g. secretaries, bureau managers, manager assistants, assistant advisers, document managers, call-centre workers;
  • Business consultation – consultants and analysts.

The labour force need in these occupations is analysed across all sectors of the economy. Approximately 26,000 people are employed in these occupations.

The personnel workers play central role in developing the labour force, adapting with automation processes and dealing with the situation of labour force shortage. Regarding the administrative work, change of the role of the administrative workers and tightening bond between the work and ICT systems is of utmost interest. Business consultation helps companies and organisations to evolve and adapt in the changing environment and create added value.

The result of the study is a training order to the system of lifelong learning based on the assessments of the trends affecting the field, the economic situation, the labour force and skills need, and the labour force demand and training offer comparison.

Key findings of the study