In the accounting sector, OSKA focuses on forecasting labour and skills requirements in the field of accounting and internal and external auditing.

The introduction of smart equipment and information systems reduces the demand for accounting personnel to perform the simpler and routine tasks. However, the need for professionals with a Master’s degree with the skill of preparing forecasts based on the existing economic data, and thus acting as increasingly credible contributors to economic decisions, is increasing.

Accounting was selected for piloting in order to test the OSKA methodology in a sector which is based on a professional field.

The OSKA expert panel on accounting consists of experts and visionaries from different companies, educational institutions and the public sector. The key partners of the Estonian Qualifications Authority in this sector were the Estonian Institute of Internal Auditors, the Estonian Board of Auditors and the Association of Estonian Accountants. Expert organisations: The Centre of Registers and Information Systems, SA Innove, the Accounting Teachers’ Association, Lääne-Viru College, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, EFTA Accounting OÜ, KPMG, BigBank, SEB, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Research.

Short overwiev of main findings in OSKA accounting sector (.pdf)